Kitty Mochi Squishy

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Mochi squishies are unlike any other squishy or stress ball! They are named after the Japanese rice cake - mochi.

These squishies have a doughy, marshmallow-like feeling. You can squish, stretch, and squeeze them, but no worries. They will pop right back up to their original form! Mochi squishies have recently become more and more popular in America and are a very fun small, quiet fidget.

These mochi squishies are shaped like cats laying on their backs. They are 2 and 1/2 inches in size.

Painted details may have slight differences from squishy to squishy.

Small parts. Not intended for children under three. Do not chew or ingest.

Fidget Superhero Super Tip!: Mochi squishies may accumulate dust over time, but they can be cleaned! To keep them in top condition, always play with them with clean hands.

To wash them, you can cover lightly in baby powder and gently rub them until dust is removed. (This will also give them a nice scent and protect them from future dust!) You can also rinse them in water and set them out to air dry.