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Round Chewable Necklace

Round Chewable Necklace

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This round circular chewable pendant is not only super stylish but very discreet!

The bottom half of the pendant is thick and durable, and the top half is thinner and softer. The pendant is also the perfect size for those looking for something to suck on, as it fits easily into most mouths. A great chewable necklace for all kinds of chewers, including chewers with varied chew styles!

The round chewable necklace is suited for varied chewing styles, from light to aggressive. Chewable pendant may wear out at different rates depending on the chewing level. Round pendant is 2 inches long, 2 inches wide, 0.25 inches thick at thinnest point, and 0.5 inches thick at thickest point.

Comes on a satin cord with breakaway clasps. Cord length can be adjusted easily by cutting to desired length.

Please refer to our Chewables Guide for information on how to take care of your chewelry.


Chewable products are not recommended for children under 3. Older children should use with adult supervision. Cords and clasps are NOT for chewing. If the person using the chewable product may chew on these, the cord can be removed and replaced with an alternative.

Chewable products should be inspected before every use. No chewable product is 100% indestructible. When your chewable becomes damaged, discard immediately.

Due to sanitary and health reasons, chewable products must be UNOPENED and UNUSED in order to be accepted as a return.

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